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Your purchase, access and use of the Courses (as defined in the DEFINITIONS section) offered by us shall be governed by these Terms of Use (hereinafter the “Terms”) which shall be in addition to the Terms & Conditions made available to you at (hereinafter the “Website”) and all other applicable terms and conditions. The Courses offered on the Website, platform also known as Jigsaw Learning Center (hereinafter the “JLC”), Mobile application (hereinafter the “Mobile app, app”) and Offline content are owned and offered by Jigsaw Academy Education Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “we, our, us” etc.). 

For the purposes of these Terms the terms ‘you’, and ‘your’ shall mean any person who has registered for a Course on the Website or a person who has identified themselves by providing details requested on the Website or a representative of a legal person registered for a course.

By accepting these Terms, or by accessing, viewing or using the Courses offered on the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and these constitute binding legal obligations owed you to us and us to you. We may modify these Terms at any time by posting the revised Terms on the Website and/ or JLC and you agree that it shall be your responsibility to ascertain the changes to these Terms by visiting the respective pages from time to time. Any modified terms and conditions, except for change in pricing, shall be applicable to your use or access of the Course without need for any further consent.  If you do not agree to these Terms, you should not register, view or otherwise seek to obtain access to the Courses offered on this Website.

By accepting these Terms, you have also implied acceptance of the Website Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and all other related user or information security guidelines we issue on the Website from time to time. Except as otherwise stated herein, any change to these Terms is effective immediately. Any use of the Website after changes have been made to the Terms shall be deemed acceptance of those changed terms and/or conditions.



A course is defined as a set of videos and course material which are provided which includes video transcripts, presentations, assignments, data sets and any other associated material made available by us on our Website to our registered users. A course may be categorized as free, beginners, advanced, domain, upcoming, short video courses etc. A course may be an individual course, or a set of courses bundled as “Full Stack”, “Specializations”, “Combination”, and other grouping of courses.  

Course materials include written and orally presented materials associated with a particular Course and which is provided by us in the course of the delivery of such Course. Course materials may be (i) downloaded from the Website or (ii) accessed and viewed on the Website; or (iii) additional study materials; or (iv) a combination of (i) and (ii) and (iii)). The course materials are for your exclusive use and should not be shared with others.

The Course materials provided may have URL links to other third-party sources. These links are provided solely for your reference. The materials at these links are not our materials and we are not responsible for such materials. We do not endorse the contents nor in any manner represent the accuracy or correctness of information on such third-party websites or links.

 We are not liable to provide you with any additional materials or tuition which in excess of the material set out in (A) the Course description on the Website; and (B) any additional documentation provided by us which relates to the Course and is not marketing materials.

Your access to the Course shall commence once you receive a confirmatory email from us following the payment of the applicable Course fees (“Fees”). This notification shall include the details of the duration for which you will have access to the Course, unless the Course you have selected has been discontinued by us.

From time to time, we may make modifications or enhancements to the audio-visual, interactive or written Courses. You will have access to such changes free of charge only to the extent that such changes are introduced when your course access was active for that particular course. The materials relating to certain Courses may periodically be superseded by new topics or with new information. Following the inclusion of new topics or new information, we may produce Courses covering the new material. If topics or Courses with new information supersede existing Courses, these may be available for purchase as new Courses. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that a purchase of the then current version of a Course does not entitle you to have access to future revised versions of the same Courses as part of the original purchase.

Please note that it is your responsibility to check that the computer, mobile or any such device you plan to use to access your Course materials and the Course is compatible with the minimum specification requirement that relates to the Course you are ordering. You may view the minimum specification for each course on our Website. You acknowledge and accept that we cannot be held responsible for any technical problems you may encounter following the purchase of a Course. You may incur charges to your internet service provider while you are attending the Course or accessing and/or downloading the Course materials. Charges may also be payable to third parties for use of the software necessary to access and / or download the Course materials. You are responsible for the payment of all such charges.



1. You agree that you will use and access the Courses offered only to educate and train yourself on the subject matter contained therein (or certain of your employees if you are a business that is a legal person), always acting strictly in accordance with these Terms and all other applicable agreements that you have entered into with us.

2. You will use and access the available Courses only in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.



Your use and access of the Courses its content and features is subject to you agreeing, undertaking and covenanting not to:

  1. upload, transmit or publish any information or material which is threatening, abusive, obscene, derogatory (in any form), defamatory or libelous, discriminatory, racially or ethnically objectionable or contains pornography;
  2. upload, transmit or publish any viruses, malware or other software whose primary purpose is to corrupt, interrupt, limit, destroy or otherwise adversely impact the provision and use of the Courses, our computer systems, or the computer systems of other users or third-party systems;
  3. upload transmit or publish anything to which you do not have the rights or any material which infringes the intellectual property rights (in whatever form) of any third party;
  4. use, access or permit access to any Course in any manner which is not permitted under these Terms or in any manner which is illegal or unethical;
  5. access the Course in any unauthorized manner, including by hacking or using log in credentials of any other user;
  6. use the Course for any unauthorized marketing purposes or for sending any unsolicited materials;

Save as expressly set out in these Terms, you shall not modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit, make available, disseminate or distribute in any way any of the Course Materials.

You shall not modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, recompile or reverse engineer any software forming part of the Course Materials or create derivative works based on the whole of or any part, or which incorporate, the Course Materials into any software program or training materials.

The receipt of a Course is personal to you and you are strictly prohibited from transferring your rights to access or learn from the Course or provide access to the Course to any other person. Please ensure that you keep your login-in credentials to the Website and the Course(s) confidential and not share such information with any third party whatsoever.

Use of the Course Materials that is not expressly permitted in these Terms is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of our rights over the same. If any of your actions are flagged as inappropriate, we reserve the right to review such actions or content to determine, in our sole and absolute discretion, whether it violates these Terms. We may at any time suspend your access to the Course and our computing systems if we reasonably apprehend that you are violating the terms of this and other applicable agreements that you have entered into with us. If we remove or disable your account and/or access to the Course, you may assume that such removal or disablement was purposeful on our part. We may additionally refuse to let you re-register on and/or use the features and functionalities of the Course at our sole option. You will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever of fees paid if your use of the Course is terminated as stated herein.



You understand, acknowledge and agree that:

  1. the contents of the Course including but not limited to the course material, information, logos, designs, pictures, icons, is our sole property or that of our licensors. All intellectual property in and to the Courses and its contents and functionalities shall vest solely with us or our licensors.
  2. Save for the limited right to access and use the Course in accordance with these Terms and other applicable agreements, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis, no other rights whatsoever are granted to you in the Course or in any of its contents and functionalities or in any of the underlying combination of software and hardware that is used to deliver the Course.
  3. You have no right to and shall not make any copies of the whole or part of the Courses offered or any of the contents therein.
  4. You have no rights to remove, modify (including removing any copyright notices or proprietary markings) any part of the Course or the Website.
  5. You may not create a link to this Website from another website or document without our prior written consent.

If you are found to be in violation of this clause we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Course immediately.



The Course fee for any Course at any given time will be displayed on the Website and/or will be notified to you by our customer services representative. Course fees are quoted in USD and/or Indian National Rupees and includes fees for the virtual lab, Course materials, and faculty support as well as all taxes.


 If you purchase a Course from our Website:

  • The Course fee including taxes, if applicable, will be shown prior to completion of the online transaction;
  • The Course fee shall be debited from your credit card or debit card on or after the day you place an order for a Course. Credit or debit card details are collected over a secure link through EBS and an authorized amount verification is taken immediately. Your order will be confirmed only upon receipt of the Course fee in cleared funds by us and will be subject to acceptance of your offer to purchase a Course by us.


If you order an online Course via telephone, email or post:

  • The Course fee shall be as set out in brochures and/or on the Website, and/or as notified to you by our customer services representative or career counselor.
  • If you are paying for the Course fee on your own account, payment is due from you immediately by any one of credit card, debit card or cheque. Your order will be subject to acceptance by us of your offer to purchase a Course. Cheques should be made payable to “Jigsaw Academy Education Private Limited”.
  • PayPal payments are permitted only for foreign remittances.
  • Under no circumstance will we request credit card details over email or the telephone.

An email confirmation, along with a payment receipt will be sent to you on your registered email address once your payment has been received.

You shall have the option of paying the Course fee for instructor-led courses in instalments. The first instalment must be paid at the time of your enrolment and the second one  as outlined in the offer letter/over email communication. You will receive at least one reminder email from us prior to the last date for payment for the instalment. If you do not pay the second instalment of your Course fee within the stipulated period, an additional late payment fee of INR five thousand (INR 5,000) will have to be paid together with the delayed instalment in order to continue to access the Course..

As of September 2020, we offer 1 week of grace period around the payment, as per the program. After the grace period, the access is blocked and a late fee of INR 5,000 including GST is charged to the user. The late fee and grace period may be changed and will be updated in the Terms.


Full access to a Course is conditional on the payment of the Course fee in full. If you opt to pay the fee in instalments, access to part of the course may be blocked till the full fees are received. Any delay in paying the instalment may result in disabling the access to the Course till you pay the outstanding fees and the late payment charges.  

The provision of the Course is contingent upon us having received cleared funds from you in respect of the fee for the relevant Course. Without prejudice to our rights and remedies under these Terms, if any sum payable is not paid in cleared funds on or before the due date (being the date the Course is booked if you are responsible for paying the Course fee yourself or within one (1) month from the date of the invoice if you are the representative of a legal person which is nominating employees to attend the Course, we reserve the right to suspend your access to and use of (or your employees access to and use of) of the relevant Course in our sole and absolute discretion. This applies equally to each instalment of a Course fee in the event you are allowed to pay for a Course in instalments

We reserve the right from time to time to change the Course fees. In the unlikely event that due to an error, the Course fee displayed on the Website or in a brochure is incorrect, or the Course fee has been changed on the Website and not on the brochure, we will notify you as soon as we reasonably can. If the correct amount of the Course fee is higher than the amount displayed on the Website and/or in the brochure, then we will contact you to notify you of the correct Course fee and give you the opportunity to decide whether or not you wish to continue with your order of the Course at such increased fee. If you decide you want to cancel your order, we will give you a full refund in respect of any amount you have already paid. If the correct Course fee is lower, we will only refund you the difference between the amount which you have paid and the correct fee payable.



Course access is provided based on the duration committed to you on the website or by the admission counsellor during your enrollment. Your course access starts from the date of payment. You are supposed to complete a five-minute short registration process after successfully making the payment. You LMS access is made available only after the registration process is completed. You will not get access to any learning material if this registration is not done. Your refund policy starts after the payment is done irrespective of the registration process being done. Note that the refund policy varies for different courses. Please refer to the EXCLUSIONS in the COURSE CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY. It is your sole responsibility to complete all the formalities based on the terms and process mentioned in this document and we are not liable to deviate in case you do not follow the required procedures.

As of September 2020, the access period varies between 3 months to 22 months. The maximum period of access for any course is 22 months.

For select courses sold before 2018:


For Integrated Program in Analytics (IPA) the course has a life-time access which is defined as 3 years. Jigsaw Academy defines the life time of a course as 3 years, after which the course is typically updated and the older course is no longer available. Initial access will be given for a period of 24 months and every successive access allotment will be done only upon a written request from you. Access of additional 12 months based on request.  Send an email to to request for an extension of the course. Please note that we are not responsible to provide further access without a written request from you.



You can take paid extension in access period in certain circumstances. Access extension can be taken only in the last month before the of access period ends. Extension can be given only upon a written request. Management reserves the right to accept or reject extension request on case to case basis. Fee for each month of extension is INR 5,000 including GST.

Extension can be up to three months only. Extension cannot be provided beyond a period of three months from the initial course access close date under any circumstance.




If a user does not access JLC for over a month, Jigsaw Academy reserves the right to deactivate his/her user id temporarily.

If a user does not access JLC for over 3 months, Jigsaw Academy reserves the right to block his/her user id for inactivity, and re-activation charges may apply.



All our courses have a shelf life and are disabled once the content becomes less relevant or in case of any changes in third party agreements such as SAS, IBM or other partners. Jigsaw Academy reserves the right to discontinue the course at the end of the shelf life of the course or end of the agreements in such cases.


Each program and course have specific Course/Program Durations and Access Durations.

The Course Duration or Program Duration is the period during which the you may access online or in-person instructor led classes (if applicable for your courses), faculty support, technical support and have the ability to get certified for the course or program.

After the Course Duration or Program Duration ends, students are neither eligible for faculty support nor certification.

The Access Duration is the period during which the students have access to Jigsaw Learning Center. Access Duration is a longer access to JLC, than Course Duration/ Program Duration. The period when Course Duration/ Program Duration has ended but Access Duration is valid, is meant for students to review the content for their work and placement needs.

Duration for Course Duration, Program Duration and Access Duration may be changed at Jigsaw Academy’s discretion and the latest duration reflecting in JLC will be valid and supersede any early communication.




 We give you facility to swap or return your course enrollment based on certain conditions. Management reserves the rights to take decision on case to case basis.



Courses can be swapped within seven (7) days of the receipt of payment. If you have enrolled for more than one course then swap request can be made for one or more courses.

A request for swap will only be considered valid if emailed to us at Any request sent after 7th day of course purchase will not be considered.

It is the student’s responsibility to evaluate the courses they have purchased and seek a swap if they so decide. Swap can be made with equivalent courses with same price. Any additional course will be considered as a separate enrollment and will need to be paid additionally.



By enrolling for any single or combination of Jigsaw courses, whether purchased by you or a third party on your behalf, at full price or on a special offer, you agree that the refund policy as outlined below. The amount will be refunded via the same source within 5 to 7 weeks. You agree to follow in letter and spirit, the nature of this refund policy.

The refund policy will be as follows:

The refund policy will be as follows:
1) For Manipal Academy and Jigsaw Academy courses which have web based instructor led online classes we offer a refund within 7 days of first online class subject to a 10% deductions for administrative costs, subject to conditions below

a. This includes courses such as:

i. Post Graduate Certificate Programs (PGCPs): Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing
ii. Full Stacks (FS) Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology

b. Conditions

i. The refund request needs to be communicated over email/ticket within 7 days of course start date
ii. Less than 20% of course material accessed on LMS (JLC/EduNext)
iii. Deduction on total payable fees are agreed upon after discount
If FSDS has MRP of 48K+GST, but is sold at 40K+GST, deduction will be 10% of 40K = 3K+GST

2) All university partnership courses will be as per the agreed upon T&C for the course

a. Postgraduate Diploma In Data Science, (PGD-DS)

i. The refund will be as per the details in the course T&C

b. IIM Indore certificate programs (IPBA, PADHR, PGCPPM)

i. These courses are non-refundable

c. University of Chicago’s PGPDM

i. The course is non-refundable

3) Other courses
All other partner courses (HackerU Red team and Blue team), SAS courses, self-paced online courses and any other courses not listed herein are non-refundable.


By paying for any Jigsaw Academy course(s), you understand that the refund option will expire as outlined above.

A student is considered enrolled when they have received a payment confirmation email with their Jigsaw Learning Center registration link. A request for refund will only be considered valid if emailed to us at Any request sent after the expiration of the refund period will not be considered.

If a refund is sought for a combination of Jigsaw courses that includes a course fee discount, the subsequent refund and course cancellation applies to all courses included in the combination. No partial course cancellations apply to discounted combinations of courses.

A combination of courses as referred to in this document, can be, but is not limited to, those courses that are a part of a full stack program or specialization or a prescribed learning path suggested through the Jigsaw Path Finder or by one of Jigsaw’s education advisers, or through any special offer(s). The refund policy also applies to a combination of courses to be taken in series, whether or not the student has commenced one or more of the courses at the expiration of the refund policy.

If you purchase a combination of courses from our website at full price that are not a part of a full stack program or specialization or any other discounted Jigsaw combination, then you can request a partial course cancellation or refund consisting of any individual course that you do not wish to continue or complete, providing you request the partial refund within the  refund period following your purchase.

In case you are charged twice for the same transaction, the amount of one transaction will be refunded via the same source within 3to 5 weeks.



Participants will be allowed to move to the next batch , if they are unable to complete the course in the current cohort due to genuine, unavoidable circumstances. The transfer is not guaranteed and will be subject to availability of seats in a future cohort. The change will involve charges including a batch change fee, and recovery of cost of courses for which access has been provided. These will be communicated to you on request.


For students who make a formal request within the first half of the course duration when live classes happen in-person or online, a student may be allowed to moved to a subsequent batch subject to the following conditions:

  1. The student provides a valid reason with proper documentation to the Head of Program (HOP) and the HOP agrees to the request.
  2. The batch change is not guaranteed and subject to seat availability in the new batch
  3. A maximum of one batch change allowed
  4. Next batch needs to be ideally within same FY or 6-month of original course
  5. The fees for the new batch will apply. In case of any increase in fees, the fee differential needs to be paid
  6. They will be unenrolled from existing batch and enrolled to new batch
  7. For long duration programs, the initial instalment plan will apply. At least 50% of the course fees must be paid before the student is allowed to join the next batch
  8. In addition, a batch change fees of 10% of the agreed course fees will apply
  9. The request period is within the first half of the course duration and not the access period. For instance, the Full Stack Data Science has a course duration of 4 months, and access period of 12 months. Batch change allowed for initial 2 months only
  10. After the first half of the course duration, batch changes are not permissible under any circumstances.




You will be assessed at regular intervals and your final grades are a function of all the assessment and not just a single final exam.  The certification criteria for each course is outlined in the offer letter/course page. Certification is a combination of:

  1. Completing graded assignments
  2. Completing a project and viva
  3. Attendance

For instance for the Data Science with SAS / Data Science with R / Jigsaw Big Data Analytics

In order to receive certification for any of the above courses, the student must:

  1. Complete all graded assignments with a minimum score of 40%;
  2. Pass the online end of course certification exam with a minimum 50% score;
  3. Pass the viva and any other certification criteria applicable


If a student meets all criteria, Jigsaw will initiate the certification process.

All graded assignments are clearly specified in the Jigsaw Learning Center; they are different from practice, non-graded assignments or practice assignments. Jigsaw includes one end of course certification exam with the course fee.


Some courses do not allow for multiple attempts. In others, if a student requires a repeat of the end of course certification exam, an additional fee may apply for each repeat exam.



Student Integrity and Misconduct – Policy


Jigsaw Academy (hereafter “Academy”) is committed to excellence of learning experiences and outcomes for its students. It aims to provide a learning environment that fosters and instils in all students the qualities of independent scholarly learning, critical judgment, academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

All community members share responsibility for maintaining the academic standing of the Academy.

Students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their work and ensure they appropriately acknowledge the ideas, interpretations, words or creative works of others.

Students are also expected to maintain proper conduct and the highest standards for behaviour.




The objectives of this policy are to —

(a) promote the principle of mutual respect by informing students of behaviour which the Academy community considers appropriate;

(b) discourage behaviour which the Academy community considers inappropriate;

(c) implement fair and just procedures for dealing with possible cases of misconduct; and

(d) provide for the imposition and enforcement of penalties for misconduct.



Student Misconduct


Definition of academic misconduct

Academic misconduct is conduct on the part of a student (including conduct during practicums or placements in their capacity as a student of the Academy) that —

(a) hinders the pursuit of academic excellence and includes cheating, collusion and plagiarism;

(b) seeks to gain for himself or herself, or for any other person, any academic advantage or advancement through the improper use of Academy facilities, information or the intellectual property of others; or

(c) constitutes research misconduct.

Without limiting the generality of section above, instances of academic misconduct include –

(a) making a false representation as to a matter affecting a student as a student;

(b) tampering, or attempting to tamper, with examination scripts, class work, grades or class records;

(c) failing to abide by reasonable directions of a member of academic staff in relation to academic matters, including directions regarding individual responsibility for the submission of assessable work or any other direction by academic staff relating to the undertaking of courses or assessment at the Academy;

(d) acquiring, or attempting to acquire, possess, or distribute examination materials or information without approval;

(e) impersonating another student, or arranging for anyone to impersonate a student, in an examination or other assessment task;

(f) giving to the Academy a document that the Academy requires of the student (eg. medical certificate or other supporting documentation) which is false;

(g) altering group assessment work of participating students without the collaborating students’ consent; or

(h) failing to comply with a penalty imposed under this policy.


Definition of general misconduct

General misconduct is conduct on the part of a student that –

(a) impairs the reasonable freedom of others to pursue their studies, research, duties and other lawful activities in the Academy or on Academy land or sites or to participate in the life of the Academy; or

(b) amounts to improper use of Academy facilities or information or improper use of the property of others on Academy land or sites.

Without limiting the generality of section above, instances of general misconduct include conduct where a student is –

(a) behaving in a manner that prejudices the reputation of the Academy;

(b) engaging in unlawful or criminal activity on Academy land or sites;

(c) engaging in conduct contrary to the relevant placement policy, procedure or agreement during practicums or placements in their capacity as a student of the Academy;

(d) damaging or destroying Academy property (including without limitation library books, or computing hardware or software by deliberately releasing computer viruses or in some other way);

(e) misusing Academy facilities, systems and equipment, to engage in illegal activity or activity prohibited by the Academy's rules and policies (eg. computer hacking or infringing copyright);

(g) stealing, removing or misappropriating Academy property or equipment;

(h) harassing, vilifying, bullying, abusing, threatening, assaulting or endangering staff, students or other members of the Academy's community directly or by other means of communication;

(i) unreasonably disrupting staff or students or others from undertaking their normal activities at the Academy;

(j) failing to follow reasonable directions of an employee of the Academy;

(k) altering, falsifying or fabricating any document or record of the Academy (eg. altering an academic transcript);

(l) altering or falsifying any documentation that the Academy requires of the student (eg. medical certificate or other supporting documentation);

(m) divulging confidential or personal information relating to any Academy matter, staff member or student (eg. employment records, in-camera committee discussions) in circumstances where there is no reasonable or lawful excuse for doing so;

(n) behaving inappropriately in an activity (eg. in the virtual and physical environments such as e-learning sites, face to face classes or meetings), in a facility in or under the control or supervision of the Academy or a recognised Academy student association;

(o) refusing or is unable to identify him/herself or produce a Student ID card when asked to do so by an officer of the Academy (eg. security officer, examination invigilator);

(p) knowingly providing false or misleading information to staff of the Academy;

(q) using taped, recorded or videotaped lectures, tutorials or other classes in a way that infringes another person’s privacy or the Academy’s or any other person’s intellectual property rights (eg. by publishing or distributing a recording without permission); or

(r) failing to comply with a penalty imposed under this policy.



Student Rights

In accordance with the requirements of procedural fairness, students have the right to –

(a) have a case of alleged misconduct dealt with as promptly as possible;

(b) receive a copy of, or an opportunity to inspect, all relevant evidence held by the decision-maker;

(c) be given an opportunity to appear before the decision-maker to answer the allegation;

(d) appeal a decision to a designated person or body who is not the decision-maker.




Jigsaw Academy Education Private Limited (“Jigsaw”) reserves the right to record participants comments and observations on analytics in writing, video recording or oral recording (“Content)”. Jigsaw may publish all or part of such Content freely either on its website or as part of the free bonus content it offers the students of its courses.

Jigsaw shall have the right to edit and modify the Content shared and created as it deems necessary for its use. The Content participants have shared with Jigsaw is neither confidential nor proprietary to any party and Jigsaw has the right to freely publish and use the same without restriction as to time or territory.

Payment of fees towards the PGPDM course imply that you agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined above.




Our replacement policy allows you to request a replacement device at no additional cost if the device received by you is defective or is not as ordered.


  • In case you receive damaged or defective products, please report the same to our supply partner Potential Labs. This should be reported within 7 days of receiving the damaged/malfunctioning products.
  • In case you feel that the product received is not as shown on the site or as per your expectations, you must bring it to the notice of our supply partner within 24 hours of receiving the product.
  • In case of complaints regarding products that come with a warranty from manufacturers, please refer the issue to them.



To request a refund, simply send an email to us and to our supply partners with your purchase details within seven days of your purchase. We'll send you a RMA number after which you can ship the product(s) to our supply partners at the address mentioned below.

Please include your order number (sent to you via email after ordering) and optionally tell us why you’re requesting a refund – we take customer feedback very seriously and use it to constantly improve our products and quality of service.

Refunds will be processed within a 21 days’ period after receipt of the product.

Please note that this policy only covers replacements for eligible products that are defective or are not shipped as ordered. It will not cover routine product wear and tear, damage incurred during use or any other forms of damage and will not, in any event, entitle you to a refund, whether partial or otherwise.

How can I replace a damaged / defective item received?

Please raise a return request kindly mention the name of the component and kind of damage.


I have received an incomplete product received / parts are missing?

Please raise a return request for the product with our supply partner and an exchange will be processed.


Status of the product shows delivered but I have not received my order?

If your order has not arrived yet and status shows as delivered, we recommend you check the following for best and speedy resolution.

  • Please check if another person at your address could have taken the delivery on your behalf
  • Please check whether your delivery address is mentioned correctly

You can contact our supply & shipping partner at the address, contact and email provided below.



Potential Labs,

10-2-347/A/7, 2nd Floor,

Opposite Asif Nagar P.S,

Asif Nagar Main Road (Mehdipatam-Asifnagar Road),

Hyderabad - 500028

Telangana, India

Contact: (+91) 903-003-3049


If you still have any unresolved issues, contact us at or call us at +91 9019317000 and we’ll be happy to help you.



IoT hardware kit is provided only if you opt to enroll in the IoT courses with a hardware kit. Hardware will not be provided for students in any country outside India.

Refund policy is not applicable if you have opted to enroll into the IoT courses without the hardware kit. We are not responsible for the hardware bought from other suppliers.

IoT Hardware kit cannot be returned in case of IoT course refund. Hardware cost will be deducted from your course fee and balance amount will be returned via the same source within 15 to 20 working days.

Hardware kit cost is INR 8,150 + GST (18%) = INR 9,617. This amount will be deducted from the total course cost and you can receive the remaining amount refund.



Every course that you enroll into has certain criteria to be fulfilled to be eligible for achieving a certificate. Certification criteria is mentioned in you JLC account for every course. If you have enrolled into a Full stack program, then for every module you can get a Smart Certificate upon completing the criteria. These certificates can be downloaded from your JLC account. Final certificate can be obtained after successfully scoring in the certification exam. You can request for a hardcopy of this final certificate upon request. We will not provide hard copy for the Smart Certificates. Hard copy will not be given to you without a written request to



These terms and conditions apply to Jigsaw Academy’s Refer a Friend Program. By referring a friend, the referring customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Program Participation

The Program is available only for new course purchase on Jigsaw Academy. Jigsaw students, who initiate a referral, are defined as "Referrers". Referrers’ friends or those who purchase courses based upon a referral are defined as "Referee".


  • Referrers will receive referral credit worth  as per the offer at the period of time in Amazon vouchers against each successful course enrollment of their referee for any course enrollment. The amount varies from time to time. Please check the details of the referral reward scheme at the time of the referral.
  • Referral vouchers are non-transferable, and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, credit, or other merchandise.
  • Referral vouchers can be exchanged with a discount coupon to enroll into the next course by the referrer.
  • The mode of payment is subject to change, without notice.



For you to receive the Amazon voucher for referring, the referee must not be existing student of Jigsaw,

  • The referee must use your shared coupon code and successfully complete the enrollment process in 30 calendar days or
  • You must enter the email of the referee and he/she successfully completes the enrollment process in 30 calendar days

The referee who enrolls must be new (and not a returning or existing) Jigsaw student. Determining whether the customer is new is subject to the sole discretion of Jigsaw Academy.

The referee must not cancel the enrollment prior to the expiry of the 7 days no questions asked course cancellation or refund policy.

The referrer is eligible for referral reward only on the first transaction of the new referee.

You will receive your referral reward as an Amazon voucher via email within 7 business days after the new referee's order has crossed the 7 days cancellation or refund period.



Participation in this Referral Program may require you to submit personal information about the referee, such as name, contact number and email address. You and your referee agree to receive communications from us with regards to your participation in the Jigsaw Referral Program, and to allow us to communicate with your referee about your participation (for example, by disclosing to your referee that an invitation was sent by you).

No responsibility will be taken by us for Referral Submissions that are illegible, lost, misdirected, improperly recorded or not received for any other reason.

In case of any fraudulent use of the program, the company holds the right to withdraw the referral without notice.

We reserve the right to terminate and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice.

The information gathered will be confidential and it will never be sold, exchanged or disclosed to any third party for marketing purposes.



We may terminate your eligibility to earn referral credit or terminate your account, or the accounts of Jigsaw students that you referred, if you or they take any of the following actions:

  • Open multiple accounts, including with different e-mail addresses, for the same person to generate additional referral rewards;
  • Refer people using spam or unsolicited e-mails
  • Use false names, impersonate other people, or otherwise provide false or misleading information to us;



We reserve the right in our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to you to add to, remove or otherwise change these terms, including but not limited to: changing the amount of the referral bonus, modifying how you may earn and spend referral reward, modifying the duration, expiration or vendor of the gift cards, requiring minimum purchase amounts for use of gift cards, instituting maximum amount of referral credits that you may earn, and discontinuing the Referral Program entirely. 




Career assistance and job guarantee programs are as per the offer letter and details in the website. We provide career assistance services for students enrolled in our flagship courses. Placement assistance services provides handholding through step by step process. The process is initiated by CV review process followed by sharing FAQ document for taking up mock interview to understand your areas of improvement. Once you get through the mock interview you are eligible to apply to internal job openings posted on JLC.

Job Guarantee programs include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science (PGDDS)
  • Full Stack IT with job guarantee

Career assistance is available only for the following courses:

  • Full Stack Programs
  • Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA)
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM)


There is no career assistance or job guarantee facility for courses not listed above; unless explicitly stated in the offer letter.



Our primary course delivery is through JLC. Decision of making the app available in a particular Mobile platform and not all the existing mobile platforms is our sole decision. Mobile app & Offline content is made available merely for the purpose of convenience, there is no different information that is available only on mobile app or in Offline content that the student may miss if they do not have the app or Offline content. It is our decision to continue giving the service on any particular platform.


Offline content will be given to students who have finished their course access & the decision can be changed accordingly in case we want. We may decide to discontinue any service at any point of time. We reserve the right to give limited content and also not to give any upgraded content. Our video content is copyrighted and proprietary content and may not be downloaded and shared without explicit written permission. Offline content works with specific software installations which may need upgrade or downgrade of the software in your system. It is the student’s responsibility to perform required configuration in order to use the services provided by us. Configuration and compatibility details may be requested from us.



You understand that by using the Website and accessing the Courses offered by us, you consent and agree to the collection and use of certain information about you and your use of the Website in accordance with these Terms and the Website Terms & Conditions. You further consent and agree that we may collect, use, transmit, process and maintain information related to your registered account for the purposes of providing you with access to the Course, and any features therein, to you. Information collected by us may also include technical, statistical, or diagnostic information related to or resulting from your use that may be used by us to support, improve and enhance our Courses and services.


Any images captured during events organized and hosted by ‘Jigsaw Academy’ should not be misused. That includes pictures of ‘Jigsaw Academy’ staff and training participants. As you have enrolled in a Jigsaw Academy™ course your picture may also be featured in photos or videos of the Jigsaw Academy™ classes, profile page etc. Telephonic Conversations: We may record inbound and outbound calls for quality control and training purposes. We never share this with external parties.



If you have purchased a Jigsaw Academy™ course, we may ask you for a testimonial and with your authorization, display your testimonial, photos or videos on our website or in our social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube or Flickr or in surveys. You should be aware that your publicly identifiable information could be used to send you promotional, unsolicited messages. We are not responsible for your personal information which you have chosen to display. If you do not want us to feature your pictures/testimonials on our website or on our social media channels, you can send an email to 


You can contact us if you notice that the information we are holding is incorrect or incomplete. Please send us an email at 

For more information please read our full privacy policy at,



We will provide technical and content support to you if you have purchased a Course as set out below:

  1. If you report a fault to us, we will use reasonable endeavors to provide a solution, but we do not guarantee that the technical support provided will resolve your technical problems. If you receive technical advice from us then we will not assume responsibility for any problem if you do not ensure that such advice is strictly followed.
  2. We are not obliged to offer you any technical support in relation to your use of any of the free demonstrations available on the Website but we may elect to offer technical support at our sole discretion.
  3. You accept and acknowledge that periods of downtime may be required in respect of the information technology infrastructure connected to the Website and that technical support may not be available during such periods of downtime. Further you accept that you will not have a claim for breach of contract or otherwise in respect of such period of unavailability.
  4. We will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the Course shall be made available but cannot guarantee uninterrupted, timely or error free availability or that defects will be corrected.
  5. We reserve the right to suspend access to the Website for the purpose of scheduled or emergency maintenance, repairs or upgrades to improve the performance or functionality of the Website.
  6. Compatibility:

For JLC access on desktop or laptops, we recommend the current and first previous major releases of the following browsers:

 For JLC access on mobile, we recommend latest versions of Chrome, Opera Mini or Android Browser.

 For mobile app, the minimum version supported is Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) and above.



1. You agree and understand that the contents and Courses on the Website are available on an “as is”

i. The operation of the internet and the World Wide Web, including but not limited to viruses;
ii. Any firewall restrictions that have been placed on your network or the computer you are using to access the Course;
iii. Failures of telecommunications links and equipment; or updated browser issues.

2. The online Courses offered on the Website are for training and instructional purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility to any party for the use of the Course Materials for any purpose other than for training or instructional purposes, including but not limited to the application, by you, of any knowledge you gain by attending the Course or the giving of advice by you to any third party based wholly or partly on the knowledge gained by you while attending the Course.

3. We reserve the right to change, modify or replace the Course material at any time without providing any notice to you unless you are enrolled in and undergoing instruction in a Course contemporaneously with our change, in which case you will be provided with access to the revised materials to the extent necessary for you to properly complete the Course.

4. Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the Courses and materials found or offered on this Website for any particular purpose. We shall make every reasonable attempt to ensure that Course materials and instruction are accurate but you acknowledge that the Courses and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors. We expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

5. Your use of any information or materials on this Website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this Website meet your specific requirements.

6. We do not represent in any manner that the Course will be available at all times and will operate error free or that there will be uninterrupted access and service.

7. You also accept and acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for any delay or disruptions to your access of the Course as a result of such suspension or any of the following:



Our aggregate liability to you, whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, howsoever arising, whether in connection with these Terms, your access and use of the Courses and its contents and functionalities shall not in any circumstances exceed the fee you have paid for the Course.  In no event shall we be liable for any loss of profits (anticipated or real), loss of business, loss of reputation, loss of data, loss of goodwill, any business interruption or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, tort or other damages, however caused, whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. 



You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, us, our officers, employees and agents, against any claims, losses, damages or costs arising from (i) your use and access of the Course and its contents; or (ii) your breach of these Terms; or (iii) any acts or omission of yours in relation to the Course and its use thereof.



These Terms shall come into effect on the day you enroll for the Course and shall continue for the duration of the Course.


We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Course at any time, in its sole discretion for a breach of these Terms and in case of inappropriate conduct. You acknowledge that we have a zero-tolerance policy in relation to the inappropriate behavior of students. In particular abusive or violent behavior directed at our staff or other students and unfair or dishonest practices including but not limited to cheating, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We may, at our reasonable discretion and without liability or an obligation to refund the fees paid, refuse to supply any Course to any student found guilty of such behavior.  You acknowledge our right to do so and waive any claim that you may have arising from such termination. Notwithstanding the termination of access, all provisions which by their nature are intended to survive, shall survive termination and continue to be applicable.



Force Majeure: in no event shall we be liable for any acts beyond our control or for any acts of god.


Access: We do not make any claim that the Website, Mobile App and the Courses may be lawfully viewed or accessed in the jurisdiction you are viewing it in. You are solely responsible for complying with laws applicable to you.


Waiver: No waiver of any provision of these Terms shall be binding unless executed and notified by us in writing to you.  No waiver of any of the provisions of these Terms shall be deemed or shall constitute a waiver of any other provision and no waiver shall constitute a continuing waiver.


Entire Agreement: These Terms together with the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between us and you for the use of the Website and the Courses provided by us.


Severability: If any provision of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect. 


Governing Law: these Terms are governed by the laws of India. The competent courts at Bangalore, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims or matters arising out of these Terms or in relation to any matter related to operation of the Website or the Courses offered.





The website of Jigsaw Academy ( is referred to as the website.  



The Jigsaw Learning Center abbreviated as JLC is the platform where the Course is delivered



Mobile app or App is the mobile application offered by Jigsaw Academy.



A course is defined as a set of videos and course material which are provided which includes video transcripts, presentations, assignments, data sets and any other associated material. A course may be categorized as free, beginners, advanced, domain, upcoming, short video courses etc. A course may be an individual course, or a set of courses bundled as “Full Stack” “Specializations” “Combination” and other grouping of courses.



Course materials include written and orally presented materials associated with a particular Course and which is provided by us in the course of the delivery of such Course. Course materials may be (i) downloaded from the Website or (ii) accessed and viewed on the Website; or (iii) additional study materials; or (iv) a combination of (i) and (ii) and (iii)). These include video transcripts, presentations, assignments, data sets and any other associated material.



Batch is the group of students learning a course at a given time. Jigsaw reserves the rights for creating a batch and assigning required set of students to it. You can request for change of batch, but batch changes will need approval. A request for batch change does not guarantee that the request will be met. We may change the students in a batch at any given point, and will update and notify the students in a timely manner.